ISIS mulls Spa' theme restaurant

By Curtis Fiboflavin

Published November 17th, 2014

Broadway, Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- ISIS is coming to the Capital Region to chop heads — of lettuce.

The Syrian-based terror group has its sights on the former Irish Times bar on Broadway that, according to people with knowledge of the move, would be renamed "The Isis Times."

The eatery, now known as Harveys, would offer Middle Eastern fare with a twist.  Among the choices under consideration are "Eggs Sunni Side Up," the “Mujahadeen 'Bout Nuthin' Burger!" and a special BLT called, "You Say ISIS, I Say ISIL, We ALL say Tomato!"

A potential roadblock in the deal is ISIS's international status as an extreme jihadist terror organization by the United States, United Nations, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

However, a source plans to call in restaurant czar Guy Fieri to "smooth things over," adding, "This could be a real blast."


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