Idaho Family Accidentally Visits Cohoes

By Fred Furnace

Published November 17th, 2014

Vacant Lot in Cohoes (©2015—The Albany Smudge)

COHOES -- A funny thing happened to an Idaho family on their way to the Baseball Hall of Fame this week. Instead of visiting Cooperstown, the Duncan family of Lewiston, Idaho, wound up in Cohoes by mistake.

"When the GPS device told me to enter the city name," explained Frank Duncan, "I typed in a 'C' and then an 'O' and before I could enter another 'O,' a list of city options just sort of popped up. I guess I selected 'Cohoes' instead of 'Cooperstown.’ Dang."

"Yeah, I let my idiot nephew, Frank, handle the GPS for the last leg of our trip," said Jim Duncan. "Big mistake."

The group made the best of the situation and decided to take in some of the city’s cultural offerings before heading back on the road.

"These men looked lost and asked if I could point them to some landmarks in the city," said Wanda Fiaschetti, 42, of White Street in Cohoes. "I honestly had no idea where to send them. I mean, landmarks? In Cohoes? All I could think of was to send them to Marra's Pharmacy. I mean, they have a pretty nice selection of stuff, and not just drug store stuff, neither. For Cohoes, that's a pretty nice store.

"It was pretty exciting," added Fiachetti. "I never met anyone from outside the area before. I don't even really know where Idaho is."

"There wasn't much there in Cohoes," said Jim. "Saw a pharmacy, some burned-down buildings and empty lots. And at the edge of town, we found a waterfall with no water. Strangest sight: it was a waterfall, but it was bone dry.

"I guess even the water had enough sense to get the hell out of town," chuckled Jim.

The group did eventually make it to Cooperstown, but not before detours through Colonie and Cobleskill.

"You'd think I would have learned my lesson, but I didn't," said an exasperated Jim. "I let Frank have another turn at the GPS. Darn it if he didn't end up doing the same thing all over again."


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