Deceased leaving Capital Region in record numbers

By Fred Furnace

Published November 24th, 2014

ALBANY — The migration of snowbirds to warmer climates is no longer limited to the living. The New York State Bureau of Deceased Statistics reports that more and more of the Capital Region's dead are also heading south in search of sunnier weather.

"It's just too damn cold up here," said the late Martin DeCamillo, formerly of Troy, who’s been dead since 1979.

DeCamillo, a resident of the St. Agnes cemetery in Cohoes, says he plans to relocate to Del-Mar Funeral Land and Resort Villas in Boca Raton, Fla. this spring. "I got a good deal on a nice plot down on Boca, so I decided to make the move. These harsh winters are killing me."

DeCamillo is not alone. The BDS reports that 6 percent of the region's deceased relocated to warmer climates last year, a 200-percent increase from 2010. The number of deceased residents migrating now outpaces the region's death rate, according to BDS statistics.

"People are still dying, but the cemeteries are actually getting emptier," said BDS Research Director Karl Timpton. "It's really the darnedest thing."

"These are our deceased years, so we should be taking it easy," said the late Rosemary Flippitino, who died in 1968. She said she plans to relocate from Rensselaer to a new cemetery development in the Tuscon, Ariz. area. "This has been my home since 1884, but I just can't stand the winters any longer," she explained. "How am I supposed to push up daisies when my cemetery plot is covered with snow and ice?"