Latham Circle Named Roundest in State

By Fred Furnace

Published November 24th, 2014

Latham Circle from Google Earth

LATHAM — Latham made history decades ago when it built the first traffic circle in the region. This week, Latham's circle made history again when it was recognized as the roundest traffic circle in the entire state.

A report by the public interest group "Round-About Town," has determined Latham's circle is almost perfectly spherical.

"When most people drive around a traffic circle, they naturally assume that they are driving in a circle," said Norfal Fitzsimmons, president and founder of Round-About Town. "But our research shows that most traffic circles are not true circles at all. Many are actually oblong in shape. Some are downright ovals. At most, they can be called 'circle-ish,' and frankly that is being charitable in many cases.

"Latham's circle, on the other hand, is almost perfectly round," added Fitzsimmons. "It is the roundest round-about in the state by a good margin. I mean, is it a perfect sphere? No, of course not. That would actually be impossible, given the laws of physics as I understand them. But Latham's circle is as close to being a circle as we can reasonably expect. It's really quite exciting. The town of Latham has much to be proud of.”

The state Senate is considering a resolution to recognize the achievement. Establishment of an official "Latham Circle is Round” day is also a possibility, according to Senate sources. 

The Round-About Town study also found that Plattsburgh has the state’s second roundest roundabout. Watkins Glen comes in third. No other roundabout in the Capital Region made the top ten.