Source: Schenectady man smitten

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published November 24th, 2014

SCHENECTADY – A 27-year-old city man is in love for the first time.

Brian Dwarbeck of Mont Pleasant is “headfirst, smack dab in the middle of the intersection of L-O-V-E and happiness,’” a friend of the smitten state worker said.

The happy gent was spotted dining with his new flame at several chic State Street eateries flashing what observers described as a “big smile” on his face. His significant other, identified as Sally Beak, 24, of Rotterdam, a strawberry blonde woman with a giant nose, smiled and laughed over coffee.

Dwarbeck, who supervises former elevator operators at the Capitol, was overheard telling Beak he thinks she is “cool” and that it would be “fun to chill out and watch a Ben Affleck flick at my pad,” the friend said.

At one point, officials said, a blush-faced Dwarbeck winked at friends viewing the happy couple’s canoodling from a safe distance.  He also told at least one friend the woman is “my baby,” according to a person with knowledge of the date.

“It looks like it’s the real thing this time,” whispered a person close to Dwarbeck, whose heart has been broken at least three times since 1999 – twice in Schenectady, once in Utica.  “Brian is in love, 100 percent.”

Officials did not know when Dwarbeck, who does not have a beard, fell in love, but have not ruled out that it may have been at first site. A Dwarbeck insider, however, said that was unlikely.

“Brian has been hurt before. That heart of his knows the pain of endless days and sleepless nights,” the insider said.  “He just wants to know:  ‘Is this love or am I dreaming?’ like the Whitesnake song. He told me, ‘I must have been blind to think I was immune from love. Nobody is.’

A source close to Dwarbeck’s family said his mother, Henrietta, has privately hoped Dwarbeck would “meet a nice girl, settle down and raise a family.”

The person added, “Henrietta has said all the right things, but she hasn’t met Brian’s new love yet. That’s big. She doesn’t want grandkids with huge noses. So this bears watching. Will Brian stick up for his new love versus motherly love? I can’t say that yet.”