Rabbit Test — Will Cuomo’s New Bunny Convince New Yorkers He’s Cuddly?

By Pug Ransom

Published December 1st, 2014

ALBANY — Determined to show as he readies to begin his second term that he does, indeed, have a soft side, Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed this morning that he has adopted a furry Himalayan bunny.

The governor — who as The Albany Smudge reported last month created a Department of Love to deflect criticism that he is sometimes mean and spiteful — said he has been intrigued by rabbits ever since catching the cult-hit “Donnie Darko” on HBO a few years back.

“I will hug him and I will love him,” Cuomo said of his new bunny. “The whole country is fulla mutts. It is time we tend to the rabbits.”

Whether the governor — who The National Review earlier this year dubbed “The Prince of Darkness” — is successful in persuading the public to buy his new kinder and gentler image remains to be seen.

His lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, insists the transformation is real, pointing out that during Cuomo’s recent visit to Buffalo following November’s record storm he was spotted making snow angels on the front lawn of City Hall.

But Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, who ran against Cuomo in 2010, isn’t buying the Democrat’s makeover.

“Dat dere Cuomo, lemme tell ya, is a bully,” said the street-savvy millionaire. “I don’t care if he’s holding a puppy, petting a rabbit or stroking a midget, dat guy is a prick. Himalayan bunny, my ass. I ain’t frickin’ buying it.”


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