Saratoga City Council To Green light ‘Smack A Skidmore Kid’

By Scott Salad

Published December 1st, 2014

Broadway, Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS —The city council Tuesday will vote on a resolution to name the first Saturday in December “Smack a Skidmore Kid Day.”

The proposal —which the majority of downtown business owners support — is expected to pass, opening the door for an annual Purge-like holiday in the Spa City.

“It's simple,” said Chet Stiglerly, co-founder of the group ‘Smack A Skiddy.’ “We see a fairly substantial drop in revenue between the end of the track season and Chowderfest and so we feel that by providing our citizens an opportunity to legally smack a Skidmore kid, we're doing all we can to bring business back to downtown. It’s a nice complement, too, to the Christmas shopping season.”

“I'm excited about it,” added Walt Jonesbury, owner and proprietor of The Dirty Mule Bistro on Broadway. “We've been talking about smacking the crap out of those rich little shitheads for years.”

His voice cracking with emotion, Jonesbury went on to say how pleased he was to finally see the government working for the people.

Providing an arena to legally inflict bodily harm on a specific group of college students for financial gain is by no means a revolutionary idea. The Town of Colonie will celebrate its fifth annual “Kick a Siena Kid In The Ass Day” in February.


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