‘Mayo Clinic’ to Open in Ravena

By Doyle Nuggins

Published December 8th, 2014

RAVENA — Ravena will soon be home to a Mayo Clinic, but if it’s medical consultation you’re hoping for, well you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Local entrepreneur Fritz Melt — best known for his Coeymans restaurant “The Dappy Pappy” — is preparing to open the doors to America’s first-ever Mayo Clinic franchise.

Melt, in an exclusive interview with The Albany Smudge, said he came up with the idea to open the nation’s inaugural mayonnaise-themed eatery during a Yankee Bus Tour of Vietnam.

"I remember getting off the bus in 'Nam. My God, we were on that damn thing for hours and hours,” Melt recalled. “Anyway, I was famished and parched so a group of us hit the first place we could find. As luck would have it, there was a dead goat blocking the entrance to the dining room, so we went across the street to Mayo Clinic. Apparently, that’s a huge chain over there. I ordered the pasta with mayo-Alfredo sauce, an Old-Fashioned with mayo bitters, and a classic hot fudge mayo sundae for dessert and I tell ya, I was blown away.”

Melt maintains that mayonnaise in recent years has “risen above plain-old condiment status.”  

“Really, we're at a special point in time,” he said. “Mayo has come into its own and I'm proud to bring the Mayo Clinic to the hardworking people of Ravena.”

Melt said he’s planning a soft opening this Friday. The first 50 customers will receive a complimentary mayonnaise shooter and a bowl of mayo chili.

Meanwhile, Chip Blankenship — whose great-great-great uncle on his mother’s side, William Worrall Mayo, founded what would become the world renowned nonprofit medical practice and research group — said the family plans to seek an injunction to stop Melt from using the Mayo Clinic name.

“For generations, my family has dedicated itself to improving people’s health and now this jackass will single-handedly be raising cholesterol and blood-sugar levels across the Capital Region all under the name of the Mayo Clinic,” said Blankenship. “What a frickin’ jerk.”