Met Fan Admits He Was Roller Skating at Guptils During Famous Game 6

By Dodie Fingerton

Published December 8th, 2014

HALFMOON— A self-proclaimed “die-hard New York Met fan” — who has been telling people that he watched Game 6 of the 1986 World Series with his father in the living room of the house in which he grew up — has been living a lie.

Dave Fletchler, 42, of Halfmoon, came clean to friends and family at a press conference Friday when he confessed he was roller skating at the world's largest indoor roller rink while the infamous game was being telecast on NBC.

“Despite what I have been telling people for the last 28 years, I didn't see Gary Carter or Kevin Mitchell's two-out, ninth-inning singles,” said Fletchler, weeping as he read from a prepared statement. “I didn't see Ray Knight's RBI that got the Mets to within one and put the tying run on third. Nor did I see Bob Stanley's wild pitch that evened the score. I was roller skating at Guptils.”

With his father, Chuck, standing by his side, Fletchler went on to say that when Mookie Wilson hit the game-winning grounder that eventually dribbled through Bill Buckner's decrepit legs, he was most likely performing barrel rolls or grapevines — two tricks that apparently can be performed on roller skates — in front of a crowd of cute girls from St. Agnes Middle School in Cohoes.

The vending machine filler and father of two said it wasn't until a friend's mom dropped him off at home later that night that he learned he had missed one of the most improbable World Series games in history.

“When my father told me what happened, I felt sick. Of course I was happy they won, but I was also incredibly disappointed with myself for choosing, instead, to go roller skating that night. Believe me, if I could turn back time, I would.”

Contrary to earlier reports, Fletchler revealed it was his father who first suggested that he tell people — save for a few roller-skating buddies who knew the truth — he had watched every pitch of the game with him at their Morgan Street home.

“My dad loves me and I love him. I just ask that you try and refrain from labeling my boyhood transgressions an indictment of my father's character. He's a good man who didn't want his only son to have to carry such a burden.”

Fletchler — who was 14 years old at the time — denied reports that a whistleblower forced his hand and was preparing documentation, that if released, would prove he not only missed Game 6, but also spent a large portion of Game 7 shopping with his mother for clothing at a Latham Circle Mall Chess King.

“Nonsense. I missed Game 6. I admit that now. But no, I watched Game 7. I swear.


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