Clifton Park Man Asked To Leave Christmas Party After Complaining About Commute

By Dodie Fingerton

Published December 15th, 2014

CLIFTON PARK — A Clifton Park man who made several complaints about his daily commute was asked to leave a neighbor's holiday party over the weekend. 

Neighborhood association board member Jack Swanson said Jeffrey Blieroot of Kuerland Avenue was attending a festive gathering a few houses over when he was overheard making disparaging comments related to his travels to and from work.

Kendall Harris, a neighbor who was also at the Hawaiian-themed get-together, said Blieroot really made a spectacle of himself.

"He was just walking around telling everyone who would listen about how bad his commute is and how the Northway's always backed up around the Twins. I was so bored, I almost hit him over the head with a ukulele."

Daniel Sterling, the neighbor who threw the party, described Blieroot as “socially awkward.”

"Jeff's okay," says Sterling, "He's just misunderstood and not real keen on light conversation. I don't think he even realizes it. So when I heard him complaining about his commute, well, I asked him to stop it."

That's when Harris said that Blieroot accidentally snuffed out one of Sterling's tiki torches while ranting about all the construction on the I-90 interchange and how getting off at exit 8a and taking Route 9 to River Road and through Cohoes and onto 787 always tempted him, but that he couldn't quite get himself to pull the trigger.

“At that point," said Sterling, "my wife insisted I get the neighborhood association involved."

Sterling said that when he finally decided to heed his wife's advice it was because he feared Blieroot was on the verge of changing the subject to something even more boring.

Sure enough, by the time William Hannister, President of the neighborhood association arrived, Blieroot was reportedly grumbling on and on about the weather and the price of gasoline to a group of annoyed women doing the limbo to the Leon Redbone Christmas album.

“We had to get him out of there before he got hurt," said Hannister.

Blieroot was cited by the board for exhibiting elevated levels of banality at a permitted community gathering. He could not be reached for comment.


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