Albany Man Celebrates Season with Gingerbread El Camino

By Fred Furnace

Published December 22nd, 2014

ALBANY – Sam Thrower has the Christmas spirit. And thanks to unemployment, he also has plenty of free time.

Thrower combined the two this week to bake up a most curious Christmas display for his front yard: a life-sized 1978 Chevy El Camino – made entirely out of Gingerbread.

"When I was a teenager, I had a totally radical El Camino," explained Thrower. "I used to cruise around in that car for hours, wishing I had a girlfriend who would rock out to some Jackson Browne with me."

Thrower says he has dreamed for years of once again owning an El Camino, but, as he explains, "life" has gotten in the way.

"First off, I haven't worked in a while and so I have, like, no money. Second, my wife just doesn't understand the awesomeness of this car. She's all, 'You aren't getting that ugly-ass thing and yada, yada, yada. She really just doesn't get it.

“Since she is the only member of our household with a job," he added, "I kinda need her buy-in."

Sam's wife, Carrie, admits she doesn't understand her husband's love for the long defunct half-car, half-pickup: "I really don't get what he sees in that thing. It’s really no surprise he never had a high school girlfriend. The guys I dated in high school drove Mustangs and Camaros.”

While not a substitute for a real El Camino, the one-of-a-kind gingerbread version — which is on display in the front yard of Thrower’s Courthall Avenue home in Albany — will have to do for now, says Sam.

"And if my wife gives me any shit about how ugly it is, I can eventually just eat it," Thrower added. "It's a win-win!"