Clifton Park woman mistaken for Ronnie James Dio

By Quack Davis

Published December 29th, 2014

Guinevere Cork —© CC- Photo by Adam Bielawski

CLIFTON PARK – Guinevere Cork is not a headbanger. The 48-year-old Clifton Park woman has never purchased a metal album and the only concerts she sees star her teenage son, Lonnie.

But that has not stopped thousands of metal-heads — from Saratoga County to Scotland — from trying to “friend” the aspiring librarian on Facebook.

The reason? Cork is the spitting image of metal royalty: late headbanger Ronnie James Dio.

“It really is an uncanny resemblance. I don’t think I can touch her again,”  Brady Cork Jr. said of his wife of 20 years, moments after the Albany Smudge showed him a photo of the late rock singer.

“Why did you tell me this? She’s hideous!”  Cork said, immediately ending the interview. “What do you want me to say, that I’ve been sleeping next to Ronnie James Dio since the Clinton Administration? Heck, I’ve been sleeping WITH her. We have children.  We have a house. We have a joint bank account. And she’s Dio. Thanks a lot. ”

Mark Bongkers, a family friend, said: "If Brady can get past the fact that his wife looks like a balding, middle-aged heavy metal singer from the '70s, she's not bad-looking. Hey, Dio wasn't half-bad."

Dio, who grew up only hours away in Cortland, died in 2010 at 67. The rocker, a lead singer at times for both Black Sabbath and Rainbow, sold more than 47 million albums over his career, cranking out hits such as “Rainbow in the Dark,” “Holy Diver” and the “Mob Rules.”

Guinevere Cork said she never heard of the rocker and brusquely declined a request from the Smudge to sing some of Dio’s songs. A horde of Dio fans clad in leather, and flashing the late singer’s patented “metal horns” hand gesture, cheered as Cork exited her car.

Still, not everyone was enthralled at the sighting of the Dio doppelganger.

The Ronnie James Dio Fan Club of Northeastern New York issued a statement saying: "Ronnie James Dio was a pioneer. His music lives on forever. His looks do not. This woman's appearance is an unprecedented attack on Ronnie's legacy and should be changed immediately."

A woman on Cork’s block, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said she first noticed the woman’s resemblance to Dio in 2002 when a film crew from VH1’s “Behind the Music”  showed up outside the Cork home believing she was the rock legend.

“I loved Dio since I was a kid,” said the woman, whose name is Sue and lives two houses from the Corks in a red house.  “She should be proud. It’s like Ronnie is still here and rockin’ after all these years.”


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