‘Dutch Oven' Incident Highlights Schoharie's Urban Dictionary-inspired Crime Wave

By Scott Salad

Published January 5th, 2015

SCHOHARIE— In the wake of a “Dutch Oven” attack that left an Esperance woman shaken and her husband in handcuffs, county officials are demanding answers for a recent spree of crimes inspired by the Urban Dictionary.

Police say that since 2011 they have made 48 arrests tied to the crowd-sourced online lexicon of slang words and phrases.

Problems started three years ago, when sheriff’s deputies nabbed Tobias Moniker, 23, outside a Price Chopper in Gilboa. They alleged the man gave “Wet Willies” to nearly 40 shoppers.

Moniker, who was charged with 40 counts of second-degree salivation, a misdemeanor, was later released on the promise that he will never again stick his licked fingers in the ears of New York state consumers.

In December 2012, Jared Gettoman, 22, and Timothy Hodgekinsonberger, 26, both of Conesville, were charged with aggravated “Dirty Sanchezing.”

DNA testing revealed that on two occasions, the dirty duo committed the vile act arrogantly, which made the crime a felony. The men, who in July 2012 pleaded guilty to attempting to commit aggravated arrogant dirty Sanchezing, are now serving 6-year prison terms.

In February 2012, Madeline Hoppenqueef, 29, and Ginger Farrataday, 43, were charged with attempted Alaskan Piledriver Upside-down Milk Machining and aggravated Hot Carling, after a 911 call led police to their Breakabeen residence. Joseph Pathananny, 31, was found choking on plastic wrap. He was airlifted to Albany Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition for two months before his release.

The attack triggered a chain reaction of copycat crimes, prompting state and county officials to form the Schoharie County Urban Dictionary-inspired Crime Task Force.

“Schoharie County has a real problem,” said Sgt. William Kerkheimer, head of the task force. “I'm not sure the public fully understands the gravity of what we're dealing with, as both the number and complexity of U.D.-inspired crimes continues to trend upwards. That's troublesome."

Kerkheimer is also worried about the psychological effect the heinous crimes leave on his officers.


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