Applebee’s Ushers in 'Foodie revolution' in Cohoes

By Fred Furnace

Published January 12th, 2015

COHOES – For many years, the Cohoes food scene consisted of little more than Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King and vending machines. But things have been changing lately and rumors that an Applebee's may be coming is further evidence that a "foodie revolution" is underway in Cohoes.

"I have lived here my whole life and always had to go to fancier areas, like Latham, for upscale restaurants,” said Tina Grignon, of Ontario Street. “If the rumors are true about Applebee's, well.... that would be so awesome!"

"It's a whole new era for food lovers," declared Assemblyman Jared Cook, D-Cohoes. "Citizens of Cohoes will soon be able to enjoy restaurant-quality appetizers without having to travel outside of town. This is amazing!"

The blossoming foodie revolution is not just limited to the restaurant scene. Price Chopper, the only remaining grocery store in town, has begun offering expanded selections of gourmet and ethnic items never before seen in these parts. The store has started carrying tropical fruits, such as pineapple and bananas, as well as ethnic fare including Greek style yogurt, Mexican salsa and ramen-style quick noodles from Asia.

"We aren't just ground beef, ketchup and white bread anymore,” boasted Mel Mealman, assistant store manager of the Cohoes Price Chopper. “It brings a smile to my face to offer higher-quality items to our customers, even if those customers are from Cohoes."

The foodie revolution is a work in progress at the Cohoes store. According to company spokesperson, Gloria Pine, ground beef, ketchup and white bread still account for over 40 percent of the store's revenues, with beer, cigarettes, Doritos, scratch-off lottery tickets and Twix accounting for most of the remaining 60 percent.


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