Whites in Cohoes Divided over Ethnic Cuisine

By Fred Furnace

Published January 19th, 2015

COHOES – The Cohoes foodie scene — fresh off the announcement an Applebee’s may open its doors in the city — received even more good news this week, when rumors surfaced that Taco Bell was now planning to build a restaurant here as well.

If true, the popular taco and burrito joint would be a game-changer for Cohoes, representing the first ethnic restaurant in the city’s long history.

Tina White of Younglove Avenue was both emotional and overjoyed upon hearing the news.

"This is terrific and the fact that is an ethnic restaurant, too, makes it that much more remarkable," she said. "My parent's generation never would have accepted this kind of ethnic and cultural diversity within our city. This may clear the way for, like, an Oriental restaurant someday or something."

Tina's dad, Scott White, disagreed with his daughter's assessment of yesteryear.

"Kids these days don't know their history. Cohoes has always had at least four or five pizza parlors,” he explained, “And, we all know pizza is Italian. Last time I checked, Italian is a foreign country.

"I don’t see what is so special about foreign restaurants anyway," the senior White continued, noting his family has been in Cohoes for generations and had always been satisfied with the food options. "For years, the Whites have done just fine in this town without ethnic restaurants. Give us donuts and burgers and apple pie, that’s what I say. That’s the only diversity us old-school Whites need.”


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