Troy Art Museum Frowns Upon Performance Artist’s Smile

By Fenwick Jolsen

Published January 26th, 2015

TROY — A city museum Saturday swiftly shut down the exhibit of a German performance artist after he cracked a smile and chuckled when a patron viewing the display accidently farted.

“Whether farts are funny isn’t the question,” said Hans Giblet, curator of the Collar City Arts Theater. “The simple fact is, serious artists do not smile, chuckle, snicker, hoot or guffaw. Art is a reflection of life and life is pain.”

Artist Dietrich Glockner was entering the fifth hour of his exhibit — titled I Hate the Earth — when the incident happened.

“I vuzz there, shaking my fist at zee sky venn allzah sudden I hear a fart,” said Glockner. “I dunno. Maybe it vuzz because I was so tired, but I couldn’t hold in my laughter. Right away, the fart made me think of my youth in Augsburg venn I would fart and hold the covers over my brother, Derp. Vee called that a ‘Toaster Strudel.’”

The farter, identified by museumgoers as Jane Dufrey of Wyantskill, was immediately asked to leave the premises. Witnesses said Dufrey’s husband, Ted, quickly walked away from his wife and denied knowing her. He was allowed to stay.

“Yeah, probably not my best proudest moment,” said Ted Dufrey. “But, c’mon, would you want to be associated with a farter?”

For her part, Jane Dufrey said the museum is really the one to blame.

“You walk in and they have a table full of wine, cheese and taquitos. What did they expect?” she asked incredulously. “Son of a bitch… happens every time I have Muenster.”