DVR Mishap Pulls the Plug on Scotia-Glenville Classes

By Fred Furnace

Published February 9th, 2015

SCOTIA – Scotia-Glenville Central Schools were closed Monday due to "severe weather conditions and significant snow accumulations," according to an email sent to students and parents by Superintendent James Arthur Chopps.

There was just one problem: the weather forecast for Monday called for 40 degrees and clear skies.

"I made an honest mistake," an embarrassed Chopps admitted Monday morning. "My wife and I were watching an episode of Modern Family that we had stored on our DVR. During a commercial break, Channel 10 weatherman Steve Caporizzo warned viewers of a severe storm hitting the Capital Region overnight, which he said would ‘wreak havoc’ on the morning commute.

“I guess I jumped the gun, but at that point I decided to cancel school. I completely forgot that I was actually watching an old episode on my DVR. That storm was a few weeks ago. Whoops."

By the time Chopps realized the error, it was too late to reverse course. Nonetheless, the decision to cancel school left parents and students both irritated and confused.

"The weather was fine," grumbled Susan Osmond, parent of middle-schoolers Donald and Marie. "But I still had to take the day off from work to care for my kids. When I explained to my boss that we were having a snow day, he thought I was making it up."

Chopps apologized via the School Board’s website and Twitter account. He also vowed to stick a Post-It note on his cable box next time he watches a pre-recorded show to remind himself that he is not watching live television.

“I don’t plan on making this mistake again,” he said.


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