Optimist Club Says Halfmoon’s Name Just A Big Ol’ Downer

By Fred Furnace

Published February 9th, 2015

HALFMOON – The Optimist Club of the Capital District is formally proposing a name change for the town of Halfmoon.

“The name ‘Halfmoon’ has a pessimistic connotation,” said Merle Clemons, spokesman for the Optimist Club, which is charged with the mission of “looking on the brightside.”

“The name 'Halfmoon' suggests something is missing from the town; specifically, the other half of the moon,” Clemons added. “Such a negative message has an impact on the children. We need to make a change for the kids.

“We propose a slight name change — to ‘Half-Full Moon’ — to remedy this concern. Even better still would be to change the name to ‘Full Moon’ or simply ‘Moon.’ Any of these changes to the town’s name would yield significant benefits from a psychological and spiritual standpoint.”

The Optimist Club presented its proposal to mixed reviews at a board meeting last night.

“It’s hard not to like those guys,” said Halfmoon resident Marsha Van Pelt, who attended the meeting. “They have such a positive attitude; even when they are crapping all over the name of your town.”

Not everyone is smitten with the proposal, however, including Mel Hendricks, owner of the Halfmoon Diner on Grooms Road.

“Are the optimists going to buy a new sign for my diner?” asked Hendricks. “Will they pay for new menus? Once these optimists start ponying up some money, then maybe we can talk.”

According to University at Albany Geo-Nomenclature Professor Raul Xenestia, the price tag for such a name change could be well north of $18 million, even using the most optimistic of estimates.

The board is not expected to take up the proposal in the near term, but did not close the door entirely on action at some point in the future.

"We like to think the glass is half full on this one," said Clemons.


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