There Is Nothing to Eat at the Pantry in Loudonville

By Pug Ransom

Published February 9th, 2015

LOUDONVILLE — The holidays are over and shelves at the local food pantry here sit depleted.

The need to refill them is urgent.

“We’re making a plea to the community: Please — if you can — help,” said Connie Butterworth, director of the Cuisine Bank of Loudonville. “The cupboard is bare so to speak. There’s no foie gras, no caviar and we’re almost entirely out of crumpets.”

Bootsie Carlisle said she’s concerned food won’t arrive fast enough to see her family through “this very difficult time.”

“I’m having the granite countertop and Italian-tile floor replaced in our kitchen,” said Carlisle, who lives in Loudonville’s tony Cobblehill neighborhood with her husband Casper, daughters Sandy and Mandy, and son, Randy.

“Until the work gets done, we’re like refugees. I came here to pick up some duck and Merlot and I just don’t know whether there’s enough for the five of us.”

Butterworth said the holidays are an especially busy time at the Cuisine Bank, making it a challenge in the weeks that follow to keep a sufficient inventory.

“It’s just non-stop. A lot of Loudonville residents host very extravagant gatherings for Christmas and New Year’s and they come in to the bank when they need something last minute,” Butterworth said. “The mousse was just flying out of here this year. There was such widespread need. It really does make you think: Be grateful for what you have, ya know?”

Barry Lipp, a resident of South Colonie, heard about the Cuisine Bank’s plight and rushed to help. The oil change technician from Jiffy Lube set a portion of his paycheck aside and following work Thursday, drove to Hannaford and picked up two bags of items for the pantry.

“They were really happy… at first. Then, after they went through the bags, their mood changed pretty quickly,” said Lipp. “I think the woman’s exact words were: ‘No one’s gonna want this crap.’ So, I left. And as I was walking away, someone took one of the cans of soup I bought and threw it at my head.”