Colonie Finds Spork-tacular Use for Abandoned Supermarket

By Fenwick Jolsen

Published February 16th, 2015

American Spork will occupy this space in Colonie
and completely revitalize the area.

COLONIE —A former Price Chopper that’s been sitting vacant for years along the 1800 block of Central Avenue will be converted into a Spork factory, town officials confirmed Sunday.

The Milwaukee-based company American Spork has purchased the former supermarket and plans to transform the space into the company’s Northeast manufacturing center. 

Company spokesman Buck Branson said the new plant is scheduled to open in March.

“The layout of that building is perfect for Spork manufacturing. I mean, it just is,” Branson said. “When we toured the facility, it quickly became obvious that this was where we needed to be.”

Town Supervisor Cricket Johannsen said Colonie officials couldn’t be more happy with the deal.

“The Spork is the gold-standard of silverware,” said Johannsen. “And in much the same way the Spork revolutionized the utensil world, American Spork will revitalize Colonie.”

Branson said the new facility is expected to create 183 jobs, paying an average salary of $42,000.

Harley Knobloch, a Colonie resident who’s been out of work since getting out of prison for murder in 2006, said he hopes to land a position at the plant.

“I’ve been fascinated with Sporks and Spork-like utensils ever since I was a kid, and whenever I’m at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Wendy’s, I usually pocket all the Sporks I can find,” Knobloch said. “But to work a job where I am actually making Sporks? Man, it doesn’t get any better than that.”


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