Local Fireman Comes Out to Colleagues: Admits He Doesn't Like Beer

By Fred Furnace

Published February 16th, 2015

COLONIE – Local fireman Al D’Angelico is coming under fire this week after admitting to his fellow firefighters that he does not care for the taste of beer.

“I finally came out to my firefighter brothers,” said D’Angelico in an exclusive interview with The Albany Smudge. “I have been living a lie for 14 years now, and I just could not do it any longer. I finally admitted: I don’t care for the taste of beer.”

D’Angelico does enjoy drinking, but says beer is “too heavy” and leaves him feeling “gassy.” Instead, he has long secretly preferred classic cocktails to suds.

“I enjoy a good Boxcar or a Manhattan,” he said. “I also love vodka martinis and Scotch whisky. And I’m a huge Mojito fan.”

The announcement took many Colonie firefighters by surprise, as D’Angelico’s peers have long considered him “one of the guys” and “a solid, reliable fireman.”

“I know that was hard for some of my brothers to hear, but it is the truth,” said D’Angelico. “It feels great to finally put this out in the open. I hope they will respect my personal preferences. My choices have nothing to do with my abilities as a firefighter. I look forward to the day when we can put this behind us, and move on as though nothing ever happened.”

It is believed D’Angelico is the first firefighter in the nation to admit that he does not like beer.

“I say you can’t trust anyone that doesn’t drink beer,” said one local fireman who asked not to be identified. “We put our lives on the line in this job. Do you really want to have your life in the hands of someone you just can’t trust? Personally, I wouldn’t ride on the same truck as that guy.”

D’Angelico’s had a second bombshell this week, as he also admitted that he doesn’t particularly care for spicy food, either.

“I love chili and chicken wings as much as the next guy,” he explained. “But I deal with enough three-alarm fires on the job – I don’t need any going off in my mouth. When I eat wings, I prefer them mild, or even just plain. And as for chili – I think people should spice that in their bowls to taste.”

D'Angelico is now on paid administrative leave while his supervisors determine how best to proceed.


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