Longtime Smudge Reporter Fondly Remembered as a Liar

By Pug Ransom

Published March 2nd, 2015

F. Anthony Anthony in 1986

ALBANY — F. Anthony Anthony — a veteran journalist who covered local politics and knitting for The Albany Smudge — died Sunday. He was 52.

Police said Anthony collapsed at home after shooting himself up with a lethal mix of heroin and tile cleaner. “It was a staggering amount. Enough to kill a horse,” said Albany Investigator Tank Buttercup.

“I am in total shock,” Smudge writer Fred Furnace said of his colleague’s untimely death. “He was like a father to me. My dad had absolutely nothing to do with me and neither did Anthony. They both hated me intensely.”

Burt Wilkerson, publisher of the Smudge, said Anthony was as untruthful as he was unreliable.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody as dishonest and lazy,” said Wilkerson. “He was really something else. His integrity was always in question. He was deceitful. And he was a relentless liar. He’ll be missed.”

Former Troy Mayor Giancarlo Panini, whom Anthony covered for years, said the reporter as “remarkably untrustworthy.”

“If I told Anthony something off the record or in total confidence, I was 100 percent sure he’d burn me and inevitably, that’s exactly what would happen,” Panini said. “If I leaked something to him as a confidential source, he’d give me up immediately. There’ll never be another one like him.”

Smudge reporter Dodie Fingerton, who was married to Anthony briefly in 2003, said she’ll never forget Anthony’s reaction when she told him she was pregnant.

“He denied it was his,” said Fingerton, shaking her head. “He just completely denied it. He was my husband! He’s the only one I had ever been with and he knew that! I loved that man.”

“I remember giving Anthony an exclusive interview on my plans to seek higher office,” said Green Island Mayor Kendall Bucket. “The next day, I opened the Smudge, and not only was I extensively misquoted, he got every single fact in the story completely wrong. Anthony was one of a kind.”

Arrangements are being handled by The J.J. McCasket Funeral Home. Anthony was survived by no one.


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