Clifton Park Runs Out of Nature-Themed Street Names

By Fred Furnace

Published March 9th, 2015

CLIFTON PARK – Clifton Park’s newest planned luxury housing community has already hit its first stumbling block: street names.

Breezy Manor Farms, a community of estate homes under development by Lucas Bros. Builders off Route 146, is still in the planning stages, with construction set to begin next month.

But when Lucas President Tim Lucas began filing paperwork to reserve street names for his new development, he realized there was a serious problem.

"All the street names we had picked out were already taken," he said. "We were told names like 'Winding Hills Way' and ‘Forest Oaks Drive’ already existed. So we came up with alternative names and, by golly, those were all taken too."

Lucas explained there is a "psychology to street names" for new housing communities, as buyers are drawn to street names that make aspirational or comforting references to nature.

"No one around here wants to buy a new luxury home on 'Smith Street,'" he said. "They expect names like 'Rolling Hills Way,' 'Bubbling Brook Square,' or 'Wilderness Path Drive.'

"We are in the midst of a street-naming crisis here in Clifton Park," Lucas added. "This is shocking."

City Planner Mike Curtis acknowledged the issue, and cited the town's never-ending web of ubiquitous housing developments as the most likely culprit.

"We have thousands of these kinds of housing developments in Clifton Park," he said. "And they all name their streets after brooks or trees or streams or hills. I guess it was just a matter of time before we started running out of those names."

Lucas dismissed the suggestion that he consider bird-inspired names instead, noting that such a strategy would result in lower prices and a “less exclusive sounding” community.

"This poses a real problem for us," Lucas said. "Our upper middle-class home buyers demand nature-themed street names. If we can't deliver a community with at least a few 'Winding Stream Lanes' or 'Sunny Meadow Parks,' we may have to cancel this whole damn project.”


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