Cohoes to Host Breakdancing Festival

By Quack Davis

Published March 9th, 2015

Photo by gbern3

COHOES — The city of Cohoes has beaten out three top contenders across North America to host the 2016 International Dance Minglers Annual Break Dancing Extravaganza.

The IDM’s annual festival is expected to bring dozens of break dancers, as well as their families, friends and Twitter followers to the Capital Region in June next year, according to Cohoes Mayor Lenny Casino.

He boasted his tiny city on the Hudson River beat out Ypsilianti, Mich., Chester, Pa. and Lawrence, Mass. to bag the festival bid. Cohoes was also close previously to winning a bid for the 2010 festival but lost out that year to Elizabeth, N.J.

“This is incredibly exciting news. All Cohosiers, past and present, have a reason to be proud today,” Casino said at a news conference outside a Stewart’s shop on Columbia Street where the festival will be held in a parking lot. “This is the big ‘break’ we have all been waiting for in the Spindle City.”

The mayor was joined by legendary break dancer Shabba Doo, who famously starred as protagonist street dancer ‘Ozone’ in the 1984 box office smash “Breakin’” and its even more successful sequel “Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Casino noted he has seen the original 37 times; the sequel 36 times.

Casino asked Shabba Doo, whose real name is Adolfo Quinones, what he thought of Cohoes. The street dancer replied, “Mayor, I think Cohoes is pretty dope. Those other places are whack.”

The mayor said he hoped Cohoes will handle the success of winning the coveted bid “half as well” as the lead characters of "Breakin" handled adversity.

In the films, Ozone and pint-sized street dancer, Turbo, team up with female breakdancing whiz kid, Kelly, to form “TKO” (short for Turbo, Kelly, Ozone). They ultimately “serve" a rival breakdancing crew, Electro Rock, and emerge as victors in hard-fought battle of the funky break.

Electro Rock was comprised of Bruno “Pop N' Taco” Falcon, Timothy “Poppin Pete” Solomon and Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez.

When the Smudge asked Shabba Doo to comment on whether any of the actors who made up Electro Rock might come to the festival, the sardonic street dancer sported a stern look and mused, “Nah… 'dem suckas ain’t comin' nowhere.”


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