Disney to Build Thrill Ride Based on Colonie Town Dump

By Fred Furnace

Published March 16th, 2015

Colonie Landfill

COLONIE – Orlando’s Disney World Resort announced its newest project this week: a roller coaster based on the Town of Colonie Landfill.

“We already have a hugely popular roller coaster based on the world’s largest mountain,” explained Disney World spokesman Gerald Kidd, referring to the Expedition Everest ride at the Animal Kingdom park. “Our management team decided we should build a coaster themed around the world’s second largest mountain, as well. Unbeknownst to us, that turned out to be a man-made mountain of trash outside Albany, New York.”

As previously reported in The Smudge, the Colonie Landfill clocks in at over 28,000 feet above sea level — second only to Mt. Everest in overall height. It is already visible from space and continues to grow by approximately 800 tons of trash per day.

While a thrill ride based on a trash dump may pose challenges, the project is not too daunting for Disney. Kidd said Disney’s “Imagineers” are already busy developing the new ride, tentatively called Trash Mountain.

“As with all of our rides, the goal is to provide our guests with a lifelike experience,” he said. “For a ride based on the Colonie Landfill, that will involve using animatronics to bring junk alive — such as old, broken appliances and discarded furniture. We are also planning several ‘refuse whirlwinds,’ where our guests will be immersed in flying trash and debris.”

“It will be as though the ride is actually transporting our guests into the middle of the Colonie garbage dump,” he promised.

The ride is expected to open in late 2018, as part of Epcot’s “American Adventure” attraction.