Teen Breaches Armory Security During Emo Show in Albany

By Pug Ransom

Published March 16th, 2015

ALBANY - Security concerns are once again being raised at the Washmee Street Armory after a 16-year-old boy sneaked an armored personnel carrier into the venue during a rock concert.

The incident, which happened Saturday during a performance by the emo band, My Life Sucks, is just the latest in a string of problems at the venue.

“Every person upon entrance — whether for basketball games, concerts, roller derby matches or what have you — goes through a checkpoint,” said Busbee Nuggins, the Armory’s director of security. “They are required to walk through a metal detector, they are then patted down and their bags are checked. Exactly how that armored personnel carrier was missed, I can’t tell you at this time. But we are investigating.”

Though authorities refused to release the name of the teen who sneaked the armored vehicle into the hall, concertgoers identified him as Sheppard Mixx, a “military brat” who moved recently to Scotia from Virginia.

“Lotta haters want beef cuz his emo flap, but dude’s a hardcore pimp,” said Emmett Odder, 17, who plays in a band with Mixx. “We been fish bowling, yo, and then next thing I know, Shepp’s rolling a hummer. Oh, man, shit gave me dick butterflies, know what I’m sayin? Dead ass.”

Burgard Crupp, spokesman for Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, said city officials are “simply chagrinned.”

This latest security breach comes on the heels of last week’s melee in which six people were stabbed during an Armory concert by the rap group, Mee-Maw. Also, in late January, a man was flogged at the Armory during the Fest Festival. And back in October 2012, three police horses were fed ecstacy during a ruckus outside the venue following a rave.

“Obviously, some changes might need to be made down there,” Crupp said, shaking his head. “I’m no security expert, but it seems if the right measures were employed, an armored personnel carrier — even a camouflaged one — would not have been successfully smuggled in.”


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