New "Love Toilets" Allow Riders to See Eye-to-Eye on City Busses

By Fred Furnace

Published March 22nd, 2015

ALBANY – Local commuters will soon see major changes on CDTA busses, as tandem commodes — known as “love toilets” — will be installed on the fleet this fall.

Capital District Transportation Authority spokesman Clem Ploppydimple announced the move Friday via Twitter:

"Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit about 'love toilets?'” Ploppydimple asked. “Well, they're real and they’re coming to the CDTA this fall!”

Love toilets consist of two adjoining and facing commodes. They were designed so lovers could continue to gaze in each other's eyes while using the can.

Ploppydimple said the love toilets will serve a dual-purpose, adding much-needed bathroom capacity to the fleet, while also introducing an element of love to the commute.

"We view this as a major win-win for our ridership," said Ploppydimple.

Reaction from CDTA riders has been overwhelmingly negative following the news.

"This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard," said Mindy McSwoop, who rides CDTA busses to her classes at Hudson Valley Community College. "Pooping or peeing on a bus is gross enough. But pooping or peeing on a bus, while having to look at some other loser who is pooping or peeing, is just idiotic."

Ploppydimple said the CDTA remains committed to the plan notwithstanding the early negative reaction.

"Our riders will come around," he said. "These toilets are about promoting love. People just need a little time to get used to the idea. There is really is no downside to this. There is no downside to love."


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