“Super Food” to Blame for Divorce of Fit Bethlehem Power Couple

By Dodie Fingerton

Published March 29th, 2015


BETHLEHEM — The divorce between a fashionably attractive and athletic power couple here has the potential to get ugly and it appears to be due to the “super food” Quinoa.

In her divorce filing with the Superior Court of New York, Sara Keebler-Chomenski, 38, cites the naturally non-gluten grain crop as a contributing factor in the deterioration of her marriage to Brock Chomenski, 39.

According to divorce papers obtained by The Smudge, the two parties — who are successful personal trainers — are on opposing sides of what nutritional experts have dubbed “the mother of all grains.”

Keebler-Chomenski stated in her filing she believes the food is indeed “super,” citing its high protein, high dietary mineral and B-vitamin counts (thiamine, riboflavin and folate) — along with its ever-important “naturally non-gluten” designation.

“If you're the least bit concerned about your health, ” she contends, “then you need to add Quinoa to your diet ASAP.”

Nonetheless, Keebler-Chomenski's husband of seven years has "continually refused to eat Quinoa even though he knows it’s really, really good for him."

“Brock's hatred of Quinoa has forced me to reevaluate our marriage,” Keebler-Chomenski stated. “Nixing it completely from your diet, in my opinion, is no different than committing adultery or eating saturated fat.”

Brock Chomenski released a statement, through his lawyer, to The Smudge.

“I'm saddened and disappointed that Sara and I can't reconcile our differences regarding Quinoa. Back in 2008, she learned of my dislike for Spirulina — the free-floating cyanobacteria rich in essential amino acids. For that we sought counseling, and things appeared to improve. That is, until late 2013, when I refused to continue eating Quinoa.

“I'm sorry,” Chomenski added. “I just don't like it. It was at that point that Sara informed me that she no longer loved me and that she was planning on filing for divorce.”

Until their separation, The Chomenski's were popular fixtures in the Bethlehem fitness scene. As personal trainers, they helped many upper-class and uber-smart young mothers throughout Bethlehem combat the paunchiness that can occur as a result of bearing as many naturally gifted children as they think they have.


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