Stewart’s Ice Cream Called ‘Super’

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published March 29th, 2015

SARATOGA — A high-ranking state ice cream official is telling friends he believes Stewart’s Ice Cream is the most delicious dessert he’s ever tasted.

And, he wants more.

Matt Goobers, 52, deputy commissioner of tasting for the state Health Department’s Division of Confections and Frozen Dairy Management, said he did not expect to have the “religious experience” he did after sampling a pint of salivating Mousse Trail ice cream on his way home recently from a business meeting in Utica.

“People told me about Stewart’s family-owned traditions, its tireless devotion to the community and ice cream so fresh that it would put a smile on my face wider than the Twin Bridges,” Goobers said.  “But I needed to taste it to know for myself. Let me tell you: This is superior ice cream. It’s really super.”

Goobers said he called his little brother, Monte, a county sheriff in his family’s native Wisconsin.  The two spoke on the phone about Matt Goobers’ Stewart’s experience for more than an hour.

“Monte knows I’m a connoisseur of wholesome, no-nonsense ice cream that’s honest and sells itself. It doesn’t need the ‘ice cream man’ hawking it,” Goobers, a father of nine,  said as he delved into a bowl of Stewart’s Crumbs Along The Mohawk ice cream.  “We’re dairy boys. We know the real thing when we see it."

Asked if Stewart’s ice cream is the most delicious dish he has ever sampled, Goobers said: “This is the clearly most superior dessert we have encountered to date. It is very tasty.  So this is very exciting. I anticipate that I will be back in the near future.”

He said Monte Goobers was planning to fly to Albany and visit a Stewart’s within the next two weeks to taste the dessert. Stewart’s is based in Saratoga Springs, which also is home to the potato chip.


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