Local Strippers Protest Wages, Tips

By Fred Furnace

Published March 29th, 2015

ALBANY – Local strippers are demonstrating in Albany this week to protest low wages and tips earned at area gentlemen’s clubs.

According to the International Brotherhood of Strippers and Pole Dancers, wages and tips in the area have not kept pace with inflation.

"I don’t know what’s up with the men around here," stated frustrated local stripper, Sapphire. "But we are still only getting dollar bills jammed in our thongs. That’s why we are protesting: to raise awareness.”

Local strippers were seen carrying signs with slogans such as, "Real Men Tip Five And Ten," "If You Wanna Have Fun, Tip More Than a One," and "No More Singles, Or Money That Jingles."

"Our tips haven't gone up in, like, forever," explained another local stripper, Alexxis, who was carrying a sign reading, ‘Tip a Five, or Take a Dive.’ "I have to strip twice as long these days just to keep up. That's messed up."

"I have four kids and no baby daddy," explained another local stripper, Onyxx, who strips at a club in downtown Troy. "Many of the other girls are in the same boat. That's why we’re marching this week — for the kids.”

Local strippers are also protesting the low area rate for private dances, often referred to in the industry as "lap dances."

"Back when I started out in 1988, a lap dance cost $20," said local stripper Kandi, who strips on Monday and Tuesday afternoons at a club off Central Avenue.  "Well, it's 2015 and lap dances in this crap-burg still only go for $20.”

"I'm trying to send my grand-babies to Disney," she explained, "but at these rates, I'll be giving lap dances until I'm 80."

The demonstrations are expected to continue for the rest of the week, but no work stoppages are expected.

"No, we won't strike," said Sapphire. "We won’t bite the hand that feeds us. Even if that hand is sticking a measly single dollar bill into our crotches."


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