Trucker Spotted Wasting Time Next To Waste Of Money

By Scott Salad

Published April 19th, 2015

Cleamy Jessups next to "I Love NY" sign (©2015—The Albany Smudge)

CLIFTON PARK — A long haul trucker was spotted sunning himself next to the I LOVE NY sign on I-87 in Clifton Park Wednesday evening, after a tractor-trailer flipped over between exits 10 and 11, stranding northbound commuters for hours.

“We wasn't goin' nowhere,” said Cleamy Jessups, who was hauling a load of banjo strings and peaches to Montreal when the accident occurred. “So I pulled my rig over and then plopped my ass down next to that God-awful lookin' sign.”

The brainchild of the state Department of Transportation, the sign is one of five that appear along New York roadways from the Southern Tier to Buffalo. With a price tag of nearly $50,000, the iconic design —which appears to be made of spray-painted Astroturf — has angered taxpayers who consider it the very epitome of government waste.

“It cost what?” asked Mavis Flench, a customer service rep from Ballston Spa, who passes the sign everyday on her way to work. “You're kidding me, right? It looks like something a first grader would make in art class. You know: the kind of thing that you say, ‘Oh, that's nice, sweetie,’ before you toss it into the garbage when they're not looking.”

Jessup, who hails from Murphysville, S.C., had his own take.

“Nah, that there's the handiwork on one them slick-as-slime New York City Democrats. I's right, ain't I?”

Jessup said he eventually fell asleep alongside the monstrosity, as firefighters worked to contain a large brush fire that sparked in wake of the wreck.

Meanwhile, the driver of the tractor-trailer — who was not hurt in the accident — refused to apologize for ruining Wednesday evening for almost everyone living in Saratoga County.


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