Colonie to Rehab Skylane Motel; Pledges to Preserve Its Charm

By Bobby “Two Fingers” Kincaid

Published April 26th, 2015

Skylane Motel (©2015—The Albany Smudge)

COLONIE — Colonie officials Monday revealed plans for the redevelopment of the former Skylane Motel on Central Avenue — a site that for years had been a source of controversy due to its history of housing convicted sex offenders.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce we’re in preliminary talks with both TGI Friday’s and one of those places where you pay $25 to do a paint-by-numbers and drink wine from a box while pretending you’re content with your fleeting existence,” said Town Supervisor Cricket Johnson.

The town shuttered the Skylane in January of last year after more than 250 code violations were discovered at the motel during the execution of a search warrant. Still, Johnson said despite the town’s redevelopment plan, officials hope to retain some of the site’s “history and charm.”

“While this project is about the future, we also want to carry on the tradition of alleged negligence, but in a casual environment where one’s experience is complimented by adding cheese and bacon to almost anything,” the supervisor said.

In the meantime, the town has entered into agreements with several area school districts to host post-dance and prom parties at the former motel through 2023.

“Basically, my entire existence is a volatile combination of mozzarella sticks and Mountain Dew,” said one local high school junior. “So, you could say I’m pretty excited.”

Casey Dilla, Colonie’s deputy director for Zoning and Half-Price Appetizers, noted that despite the site’s checkered history, the former motel has a “Berlin circa 1946 vibe” which could trigger more “retro development” in that particular area of town. 

“Hey, if we can put a Whole Foods inside a Sears like we did down at the mall, anything’s possible,” Dilla said.


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