Bigfoot Spotted at Clifton Park Shopping Center

By Fred Furnace

Published May 3rd, 2015

CLIFTON PARK – Clifton Park residents received a big surprise Saturday after the mythical monster "Bigfoot" was spotted at The Crossings shopping center.

"I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating," said Marty Blew, who was on his way to the Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse when he spotted Bigfoot near Wheatfields restaurant. "I swear it was him. It was Bigfoot!"

"We responded to numerous calls Saturday related to Sasquatch sightings,"  said Col. Calvin Covington of the Clifton Park Sheriff's Department substation. "No injuries were reported, and we have no reason to think he presented a danger to the community. He seems to have just been doing some harmless window shopping."

Covington noted that police are not actively searching for Bigfoot.

"Based on the eye witness reports, Bigfoot appears to have fled after peering through the windows of Cracker Barrel and getting a good look at the patrons dining in that establishment. He appears completely harmless."

But Marcia Clark, who works the customer service desk at The Crossings’ Target location, was left with a different impression.

"He came in trying to return software. But, as I tried to explain to him, it was well past the 60-day return window applicable to select electronic items," she said. "Plus, he had opened the box and I had reason to believe he had already downloaded the software he was trying to return. Our policy is pretty clear on that, so my hands were tied."

That didn’t sit well with Bigfoot, according to Clark.

"He was pretty pissed," Clark said. "He started stomping around and making a loud grunting sound. Since he is 9-feet tall and about 500 pounds, it was pretty scary. But the policy is the policy – even for Sasquatch."


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