Albany Lands Dwarf Tossing Team

By Fred Furnace

Published May 3rd, 2015

ALBANY – The Capital Region scored a “small” victory Sunday when it was awarded the last remaining franchise in the newly formed National Dwarf Tossing League.

The new team — to be called the Albany Elves — will begin tossing dwarves this fall in what will be the inaugural season of the NDTL. 

“We are proud the NDTL has chosen little ol’ Albany to be part of this big new professional sports league,” said Thor Jorgensen, head of the Elves’ ownership group. “We look forward to competing hard, entertaining the area, growing our sport and hurling midgets through the air.

“Make no mistake: We plan to toss the hell out of them dwarves,” Jorgensen added with a chuckle.

The Elves will be one of eight teams in the Eastern Conference of the NDTL, along with the Manhattan Munchkins, Minnesota Minis, Chicago Chuckers, Washington Wizards of Oz, Toronto Teenie Weenies, Philadelphia Projectiles and Boston Tossers.   

Home games for the Elves will be played at the former Starlight Theater in Latham.

“It’s not that big of a venue,” Jorgenson acknowledged, “but then again, we’re just tossing dwarves. So we really don’t need that much room anyway.”

An online poll sponsored by the Smudge shows area residents are mostly supportive of the new pro sports team, though most admit that they know nothing of the sport or its rules.

“There’s really not that much to know,” Jorgenson said. “There are a few exceptions, but generally the team that tosses that little dwarf the farthest is gonna win.”

The Albany Elves begin the season October 8 at home against the Boston Tossers. Tickets will be available starting in late June. According to Jorgenson, season ticket packages start at only $6.


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