South Colonie Man Credited With New Word

By Fred Furnace

Published May 17th, 2015

COLONIE – A South Colonie man’s new word – "cre-jit" – will be included in the online edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary later this year.

Jenner Gulp, a 23-year-old Colonie High School student, invented the word four years ago and has been hoping it would catch on ever since.

Gulp, who lives in the basement of his parent’s Industrial Road home, said "cre-jit" is simply a combination of the words "credibility" and "legitimate."

When asked by the Smudge why an entirely new word was necessary  since both “credibility” and “legitimate” already exist, Gulp explained:

“Brah, it’s like this: something may have street cred, but not be totally legit. Know what I’m sayin’? And just because something is legit, doesn’t mean it’s got any cred. For playaz like me, we gotta keep that shizat straight, yo.”

“My word is totally dope,” Gulp continued. “Now brahs can just say, ‘yo, that shit is cre-jitimate,’ and everyone will know it’s the shit.”

According to Merriam-Webster, Gulp — whose verbal score on the SAT was 193 — has been trying to get the venerable dictionary organization to recognize “cre-jit” for years.

“This dullard has been emailing our company incessantly since 2011,” said Merriam-Webster spokesman J. Bradley Skimmer. “His new ‘word’ is ridiculous, but we just need him to stop emailing us. He was really testing the limits of our spam filters, and several of his messages contained viruses that almost bankrupted our IT department. We decided it was better to surrender than continue dealing with this half-wit.”

  “This is epic, brah,” said Gulp. “And now I'm gonna be rich. I’m talking large dictionary money, yo. Every time G’s use the word ‘cre-jit,’ it’s gonna be like, ‘cha-ching,’ Jenner’s goin’ to the bank!”

According to Skimmer, however, Gulp should not expect any sort of payday for his new word.

“We aren’t going to pay that idiot a dime,” Skimmer said. “And no one else will, either. His stupid word is now part of the public domain. That’s all.”


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