Liz Bishop Rumored for Next ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By Fred Furnace

Published June 7th, 2015

Suzanne Somers dances with Tony Dovolani
on last season's DWTS.

ALBANY – The Capital Region is finally getting a representative on the mega-hit show Dancing With The Stars, as newswoman and local legend Liz Bishop is reportedly joining the celebrity cast next season.

The accomplished news anchor — who was on location covering a flower festival in Saratoga County — could not be reached for comment Monday, but former Channel 10 newsman Wood Johnson confirmed Bishop’s upcoming star turn.

"I don't think people appreciate just how agile Liz is, but she'll surprise people with her flexibility,” Johnson said.

"I don’t know if she can win this thing or not. But, I do know she will compete hard. I once witnessed her return a half-eaten grapefruit to Hannaford. Once you see something like that, it sticks with you. Trust me, she ain’t taking shit from anyone."

Among those rumored to be joining Bishop on the show include former President Jimmy Carter, NFL backup quarterback Tim Tebow, singer Morris Day, former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos, men's Olympic decathlon champ and now sort-of-hot woman Caitlyn Jenner and two of the Four Tops.

The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas is already laying odds on the winner, with Bishop as the early underdog at 900-1. Both Jimmy Carter and Imelda Marcos are tied for the second-worst odds, at 50-1.

"Those numbers could change, though," said Walter Clunk, manager of the Wynn’s sport book. "Imelda Marcos is pretty old. She could break a hip or something. And, of course, Jimmy Carter — he’s like 90. Who knows if he’ll even make it through the tapings?"

Bishop’s long-time Channel 6 co-anchor, Ernie Tetrault, declined comment other than to ask the Smudge to "stop combing through my garbage" and ordering a reporter to "go straight to hell.”

Whether Bishop can out-Tango Jimmy Carter, or out Cha-Cha-Cha Imelda Marcos remains to be seen. Regardless, the entire Capital Region will be cheering her on later this fall.  

   “Caitlyn Jenner is also a real wildcard from an odds perspective,” Clunk added. “But that guy – or gal – is one hell of an athlete, so we expect he – or she – will be a real strong contender."


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