Source: Killers escaped to revel in Cuomo's 'New' New York

By Quack Davis

Published June 29th, 2015

ALBANY – The two murderous inmates who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility broke out yearning to partake in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “New New York,” an administrative source said.

Killers Richard Matt and David Sweat apparently have been so intrigued by the governor’s repeated boasts of his accomplishments that the inmates simply had to experience for themselves the joys of a state undergoing a renaissance that seemed unimaginable just a few short years ago, the source said.

“They could not stand being trapped in a prison when so much positive change was happening all around them in the governor’s ‘new New York,’” the source explained. “They heard how New Yorkers are now paying their lowest middle-class income tax since 1953. They realized New York has created more than 440,000 private sector job s over the past few years and they could not get over the fact that New York has the second highest net job growth of any state in the nation since the recession. And so, they just wanted to be a part of it. They felt it was worth the risk.”

Matt lectured inmates on an almost daily basis about what they were missing by being locked up, said Sneedy Micronics, a convicted horse thief who bunked with the killers for a few weeks in 2014.

“Matt told us that he thought New York was once a beacon of opportunity and center of commerce and innovation but that it lost its way,” Micronics said. “He also told us the state once spent too much, taxed too much, faced scandal and dysfunction and that businesses and families were leaving. But, Matt stressed that Andrew Cuomo has changed all that. He said there was now reason for hope.”

Ellen Skunk told troopers she spotted the killers in the Denny’s on Wolf Road a few days ago.

“I spotted two guys in prison outfits talking to a group of impressionable youths about how New York has begun to reclaim its place as the capital of America,” Klunk said. “They wouldn’t stop yapping about marriage equality, sensible gun control legislation, a strong commitment to affordable housing and the need for charter schools. They also asked where they could score a couple of crack whores.”


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