Escaped Inmates Found Working at Colonie Denny’s

By Fred Furnace

Published June 28th, 2015

ALBANY – Contrary to earlier media reports that the two escaped killers who bolted a Northern New York prison were gunned down by police in Franklin County, the manhunt actually ended this past weekend when local officers found the inmates working at Denny’s restaurant on Wolf Road.

The pair — which eluded police for weeks following their daring escape from a maximum-security prison just north of Plattsburgh — seemingly had no problem blending in at Denny’s.

But all that changed when two Colonie cops stopped in to the restaurant for a “quick snack” during their morning patrol.

“I was ordering my usual Grand Slam with a side of extra bacon when it occurred to me that my waiter looked familiar,” said officer Merrill Hodge of the Colonie Police Department, who was with his patrol partner, Barry Foster.

“When Barry came back from the restroom, I told him to take a look at our server. Well, Barry recognized him immediately. He was so surprised that juice shot clear out his nose. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

The officers then recognized the second escaped prisoner working the “host” stand, where he was delivering a children’s menu and some crayons to a family he had just seated.

“We were able to apprehend the men, handcuff them and remove them from the premises without incident,” Foster said. “We then returned to our table to finish our meals. It took a while for Merrill’s Grand Slam to arrive, due to the fact that our waiter was now sitting in our patrol car in handcuffs. But the manager was great; he assigned a new waiter and everything eventually worked out.”

Douglas Britt, the Denny’s manager, was “in shock” when informed his two newest employees were actually escaped killers.

“I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with these two guys,” Britt said. “I mean, sure, they were both really creepy and covered in tattoos and one was holding a circular saw. But the rest of my staff is kind of creepy too. They fit right in, actually.

“Still, when the cops told me who they were, I was in shock,” Britt continued. “I guess you can’t believe what people write on their job applications. We probably need a better system than just putting applications on the back page of our take-out menu, but I’ll leave that to the guys at headquarters.”

In related news, the Denny’s on Wolf Road has two immediate openings and welcomes anyone with prior restaurant experience to apply.


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