“Caitlin Jenner” Most Popular Baby Name in June

By Fred Furnace

Published July 5th, 2015

ALBANY – Move over Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava and Isabella – Caitlin Jenner now ranks as the Capital Region’s most popular baby girl’s name.

The state’s Bureau of Baby Naming Statistics released its June numbers this week and “Caitlin Jenner” has taken over top spot with a bullet. Of the 87 baby girls born in Capital Region hospitals last month, 53 of them — a whopping 60 percent — were named “Caitlin Jenner.”

“Numbers this high are unprecedented,” said Fulbright Jaworski, head of baby name analytics at the BBNS. “What is most amazing is that it’s not just a first-name we’re talking about here, but a first-and-middle-name combo. I’ve been studying baby names for 30-plus years and I’ve never seen anything like this before. This is nuts.”

There were four “Caitlin Jenner Smiths” born in June, followed by three “Caitlin Jenner Johnsons” and two “Caitlin Jenner Millers.”

The name was popular among all ethnic, religious, and demographic groups, as there were also babies named “Caitlin Jenner McMurphy,” “Caitlin Jenner Martinez," “Caitlin Jenner Goldstein-Horowitz,” “Caitlin Jenner Assan Ali-Naser Muhammad,” “Caitlin Jenner Gupta-Jindal Sharma,” “Caitlin Jenner Chang,” and “Caitlin Jenner Poppadappagalopolas.”

“We can't really say if this is just a short-term blip or if it will be a lasting trend,” Jaworski noted. "As I understand it, the real Caitlin Jenner might compete on Dancing with the Stars this fall, so who knows? If she does well, this may just be the beginning.” 

Rounding out the top five girls names in June were: “Khloe,” “Kim,” “Kourtney” and “Ashley Madison.”

“It was a weird month for names in the Capital Region,” Jaworski chuckled.

As for boys’ names, “Mason,” “Logan,” and “Noah” were in the top spots again last month, followed closely by newcomers “Kanye,” “Gary,” and “Roy.”


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