American Pharoah: Travers Day ‘Beneath Me’

By Quack Davis

Published July 19th, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Maryland Gov Pics

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Celebrity has apparently gone to the head of the world’s most famous horse, who now thinks he’s too good to race at Saratoga this summer.

Sources say American Pharoah, the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978, rolled his eyes and defecated when his owner, Ahmed Zayet, suggested he run at Travers Day Aug. 29.

“He’s a Triple Crown Winner. Why would he care about Travers Day unless he’s got absolutely nothing else to do?” said a racing industry executive. “Besides, he doesn’t particularly like NYRA and he thinks upstate New York sucks.”

New York Racing Association spokesman Chip Salamander, who appeared stunned by the horse’s reported criticism, said he’s confident American Pharoah will be at the Travers.

Pointing out the famed horse was actually sold at the Fasig-Tipton pavilion in Saratoga Springs in 2013, Salamander said he’s certain American Pharoah would “absolutely love” to return to the Spa City and bring some four-legged friends with him.

“He’s probably just horsin’ around with you,” a worried Salamander said.  “I bet you he’s here on Travers Day. I bet you he wins.”

But Beard Calloway, an expert horse whisperer, said he spoke to the prized Thoroughbred several times since his spectacular victory at the Belmont and the horse just “wasn’t feeling ‘Toga.”

“American Pharoah told me pointblank, ‘The Travers is beneath me. Don’t ask again!’” Calloway said. “I know these animals well enough to know when they do not like a place.

“Pharoah just doesn’t like Saratoga,” Calloway added. “He told me he’d rather visit a glue factory. And that’s a direct quote.”


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