Latham Man Wins Facebook Argument, Improves Record

By Quack Davis

Published July 19th, 2015

COLONIE —Darp Evans improved to 17-3 in Facebook arguments Friday with a hard-fought victory over Jed Godfrey on the subject of same-sex marriage.

Evans, 28, of Latham, won his seventh straight Facebook argument and continues to roll after an 0-2 start that had some social media junkies wondering whether the Shaker High School product and state worker would fulfill lofty expectations many predicted for the bespectacled net-surfer.

Godfrey, 52, a beer drinker from Catskill, initiated the Facebook fight Friday -- just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

“This is an attack on marriage!” posted Godfrey, a right-winger who came into the argument with a 10-7 record, mostly against fellow conservatives.  

Evans shot back, “Sir, how is it an attack on marriage?”

Godfrey posted a link to a Fox News article that quoted Sam Sharper, a spokesman for God, saying that same-sex marriage is immoral.

"Don' take my word for it. Take THE Word for it!" Godfrey wrote.

‘Where’s your proof, sir?” Evans asked.

“The Lord is my proof,” Godfrey answered. "He reckon no babies need come from two pappies."

Evans asked Godfrey whether he was still married to his wife, Delores, a beekeeper in Schenectady. Godfrey said yes.

“So, you see, it has not affected your life, has it sir?” Evans asked.

Godfrey waited until the next morning, then wrote, “I reckon you are right, Darp Evans. I was wrong. I reckon you win, pal.”

Evans answered,  “No, sir. Love does. LOVE wins.”

Marcy Gooper and 579 others “liked” Evans’ post. Some also added their own two cents, slamming Godfrey as a "hater."

Evans remained stoic.

“Jed argued well. I’m just happy we were able to come away with a victory,” Evans told the Smudge.

Godfrey said he “tips his cap” to Evans but would like to argue with him down the road on gun control or the Obama administration.

“We came up short today. We still have a lot of arguing left,” Godfrey said.  “We’ll be back.”


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