‘Shattered Glass’ Reporter Joins the Smudge

By Fred Furnace

Published July 19th, 2015

ALBANY —The disgraced writer whose real-life tale of falsifying stories for a national political magazine was made into a major motion picture has joined the staff of The Albany Smudge, and the paper’s top editor said the Capital Region’s leading source of make believe news could not be more excited.

Stephen Glass – the former The New Republic writer who became infamous for fabricating stories during his tenure with the magazine – will begin writing for the Smudge next month, according to Editor Burt Wilkersonn.

“This is huge,” boasted Wilkersonn via his Tweeter feed. “We have landed the biggest fish in all of fake journalism!”

Glass rocked the journalism world in the late 1990s after it was discovered he fabricated many of the facts and events reported in his articles. The scandal inspired the 2003 motion picture, Shattered Glass, in which Glass was portrayed by Hayden Christensen (who, ironically, has also become infamous for lying about his ability to act).

“This marriage makes all the sense in the world,” Wilkersonn said. “All the things that got Stephen into trouble with the real journalism community — fabricating the news, and making-up people and events — are the things we love most about him. His talents are absolutely perfect for the Smudge!”

“He is to fake news what sticky toffee pudding is to English desserts: sweet, creamy perfection,” added Smudge writer Dodie Fingerton.

Fingerton said he hopes to spend considerable time with Glass “making shit up together" and "learning from the master.”

The biggest issue in the short-term, according to Wilkersonn, will be indoctrinating Glass into the ins-and-outs of the area’s fake news scene.

“Stephen hasn’t had much exposure to the Capital Region before now,” Wilkersonn said. “So we are asking him to spend a few weeks to get to know the area. We think, after a month or so, he’ll get a good flavor for this weird little place we call ‘home.’”

“Stephen is proving to be a fast learner,” Wilkersonn added. “He’s only been here a few days but he’s already figured out that people from Bethlehem and North Colonie seem to be way better than the rest of us, and that no matter how hard it tries, Menands will never rid itself of that funky smell.”


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