Halfmoon Man Lost in Patient Portal

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published July 26th, 2015

ALBANY  — The state Department of Health is investigating the disappearance of a 47-year-old accountant from Halfmoon who logged onto a patient portal to find the results of his blood test.

Kurt Rambus vanished three minutes after he signed up for Jack’s Patient Portal in East Greenbush, an independent service operated by local health enthusiast Jack Mangrove.  The unaccredited service offers amazing prices for bargain hunters looking to avoid patient portals at St. Peters Health Partners  and Albany Medical Center.

Rambus wanted to check his blood to make sure he did not have any tick-borne illnesses from his seven poodles, officials said.

“It’s been three days. It’s starting to look like he might be a goner,” said a source close to the Rambus family.

Jessica Niceberg, Rambus’ girlfriend of two months, said Rambus is a “great guy” and she would be “very unhappy” if he was somehow “sucked into some sort of portal vortex.”

“This is very glum news for a Thursday,” Niceberg said.  “Thankfully the weekend is coming.”

A patient portal is a secure website that allows patients round-the-clock access to their health information. Patients can learn about recent doctor visits, summaries from physicians and lab results, among other things. Sources say it’s “all the rage” in the medical industry.

Health Department spokesman Cop Beuterson said Mangrove, 55, had no license to practice medicine or offer a portal.  Beuterson added that Mangrove was convicted of petty larceny in 1997 for running an $85 Ponzi scheme in Cohoes and Latham.

Mangrove would only say that he believes Rambus is “fine.”

“Due to provision under the HIPPA privacy laws, I am not at liberty to discuss Kurt’s sojourn in Jack’s Patient Portal,” Mangrove said.  “People will say what they I will. I guess haters are gonna hate.”


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