Spread the WOD: Loudonville Clothing Drive an ‘Exercise’ in Love

By Fenwick Jolsen

Published July 26th, 2015

COLONIE —A Loudonville community group, that earlier this year staged a telethon to help the struggling residents of South Colonie, is once again responding to the plight of the unfortunate — this time by kicking off a clothing drive aimed at providing shirts for area Crossfitters.

“Each and every time I drive down Sand Creek Road, I see all the Crossfitters doing their calisthenics and what not and I can’t help but notice that none of the young men have shirts on,” said Mandy Pinkerton, outreach director for Loudonville’s Mission of Pity. “It must be so difficult to not even be able to afford such a basic necessity. Yet, there they are God bless them, rolling those giant tires and cleaning and jerking while completely topless.

“There but for the grace of God go I that I may never fall on such hard times as to not to be able to buy so much as a simple T-shirt,” Pinkerton added. “We as a community must respond. We must provide these men with shirts.”

Asked what he thought of the Mission of Pity’s latest charitable effort, Jake Copper, who jumped up and down topless upon a wooden box outside a Crossfit gym in Troy, said:

“Did you checkout the WOD, brah? All those thrusters and double unders… My snatch has been suffering but I’ve been total boss on the pistol.”

Clem Rubfeld, a truck driver for the mission who surmised that WOD in Crossfit speak means ‘Workout of the Day,” said he delivered a shipment of donated shirts to a Crossfit gym in Albany on Thursday.

“I’m not sure anyone knew what to make of them,” Rubfeld said. “The guys working out there — none of whom were wearing shirts — just sort of stopped what they were doing and stared. Then, some of the Crossfitters started jumping over the pile, first forward then backward. It was totally bizarre.”

Meanwhile, when asked whether he owned any shirts at all, Copper smiled and replied: “Lately it’s been constant AMRAP, dude. But tomorrow, I’m going Cindy. Gonna be all about the MetCon.”


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