Catskill Game Farm to Roll Out McNuggets

By Fred Furnace

Published August 2nd, 2015

CATSKILL – Ever wonder what happened to the animals from the old Catskill Game Farm, which closed its doors almost a decade ago? Well, turns out many are still alive, and they soon may be coming to your local supermarket’s frozen foods aisle.

Hen Faulters, who cares for the surviving animals, said plans are underway to bread and deep-fry the creatures and then market them under the brand name “Game Farm McNuggets.”

“There are about 900 animals left, and it has become harder and harder to care for them,” Faulters said. “So I finally decided to partner with one of the big food companies to turn them into fun, bite-sized nuggets for kids." 

The nuggets – which still require FDA approval – will include beloved Game Farm favorites such as giraffes, rhinos, tortoises, donkeys, llamas and ponies. Each nugget will be in the shape of the animal from which the meat was derived.

“We have 92 species of animals remaining,” Faulters said, “So, each bag will be different. One bag might contain some Southern White Rhino nuggets and Shetland Pony nuggets, but not any Vervet Monkey nuggets; whereas the next bag could be full of Vervet Monkey. You just won’t know until you get them home, which I think will add to the excitement.”

Once the proposal receives all regulatory approvals, Faulters expects his Game Farm McNuggets to be sold in Price Chopper and Hannaford locations throughout the Hudson Valley and Capital Region. The nuggets will be available only as long as the Game Farm animals remain in stock.

For some, the prospect of Game Farm McNuggets represents a nostalgic nod to yesteryear. 

“I loved Catskill Game Farm as a kid, and especially feeding the animals out of those little ice cream cone things,” recalls Rensselaer resident Clockton Goop, 38. “So being able to purchase Game Farm McNuggets will be a really cool blast-from-the-past. Only this time, I guess the animals will be feeding me!”


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