Pitbull Favorites Albany Man’s Tweet

By Quack Davis

Published August 9th, 2015

Photo courtsey of Eva Rinaldi

COLONIE – Tuesday started out like any other day for Curtis Kluckbuck.

He ate eggs, kissed his mother on her cheek and went to his job where he tracks sales of Froot Loops breakfast cereal for a private distributor in Cleveland.

Later that afternoon, while on break, he then logged onto Twitter to read the latest news from his favorite bald musician, Miami-based rap superstar Pitbull.

Kluckbuck, who resembles actor Rupert Grint, locked his eyes on Pitbull’s Tweets.

“From stage to studio, work or play, I'm always ON!” Pitbull tweeted. And another post from the hot Cuban rap god read: “It’s going down. Time to show people what Miami’s all about. #emerge2015.”

Kluckbuck looked around to make sure none of his friends were watching -- a move made easier by the fact that Kluckbuck has no friends, said his mom. With the coast clear, an excited Kluckbuck responded to his hero on Twitter.

“Yo Pitbull dawg. Keep slayin it! C-Kluck got mad respect FO you in the #518. Pitbull forever from M.I.A.M.I. to Dale, yo,"  Kluckbuck Tweeted.

What happened next made Kluckbuck nearly fall off his chair: Pitbull “favorited” the Tweet.

“It just goes to show no matter how big you are, you can still have a heart,” a teary-eyed Kluckbuck told the Smudge.

The 48-year-old Superfan, who lives in his mom’s basement and does not have a girlfriend, has seen Pitbull perform 33 times on television.

“Curtis is always ‘Pitull this, Pitbull that,’” said Agnes Kluckbuck. “I have a junior Pitbull-in-waiting here. Right honey? He even wears Pitbull pajamas. That’s Curtis. He can’t get enough Pitbull.”

Kluckbuck, who is not intellectually challenged, said he hopes to meet Pitbull one day. But for now, having his Tweet favored by the artist is good enough.

“This is one of the best days of my life,” Kluckbuck Tweeted the next day. “Pitbull number one!”


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