Source: ‘Minions’ Based On Cuomo Administration

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published August 16th, 2015

ALBANY – The smash-hit animated film “Minions” – starring a gaggle of yellow-colored goofballs in search of an evil villain to follow – is based on past and present members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle, according to people with knowledge of the movie.

A Hollywood source said studio execs at Universal “fell in love” with the idea of marketing Cuomo staff members after watching them follow the governor around like lemmings in Albany a required “29 hours a day.”

"I mean, who demands that from their staff?" the insider asked. "It's not even physically possible. It made people say: ‘Heck, there’s something quite villainous about New York’s chief executive.’"

The movie – a prequel to the “Despicable Me” franchise in which the Minions work for a lovable villain named Gru – was produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures.

Sources say “Kevin,” the smartest member of the dolt-minded Minions, is “100 percent” based on former top Cuomo advisor Larry Schwartz, and that one-eyed sidekicks, “Stuart” and “Carl,” are based on ex-Cuomo aide Howard Glaser and spokesman Rich Azzopardi, respectively.

In addition, ex-Cuomo confidantes Benjamin Lawsky and Drew Zambelli are said to have inspired lesser-known Minions, the Chiquita Banana-singing “Donny” and the plump minion with the buzz-cut known to yellow henchman the world over as “Jerry,” a source told the Albany Smudge.

“The honchos took one look at Cuomo and said, ‘That’s our Gru! We just have to make him likable,’” a source said. “Little did they know that task was much harder done than said.”

Nonetheless, both Cuomo and studio honchos in Hollywood are pleased with how the film turned out.

“The governor is extremely pleased that his diabolical dreams have inspired the most successful blockbuster of the summer, “ said Jobba Gastro, a former administration spokesman who spoke on the condition that his name not be used.

“This is a wonderful day for Cuomo Minions everywhere.”


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