‘Hero’ Cop in Watervliet Earns Praise for Following Societal Norms

By Pug Ransom

Published August 16th, 2015

WATERVLIET — A Watervliet police officer will receive the city’s highest honor for what officials say is his “unflinching commitment” to not breaking the law.

Patrolman Nubb Manuel will be honored at 9 a.m. Wednesday in a ceremony outside Bob’s Diner, during which he will receive Watervliet’s “Do the Right Thing” award.

The announcement comes on the heels of a series of high-profile controversies involving several members of the city Police Department. In just the last few weeks: one Watervliet officer was charged with allegedly having sexual contact with a teenager in a cemetery; another city cop was one of 20 people charged in connection with a drug-ring in Troy; and a former Watervliet officer is reportedly now the target of an investigation involving stolen funds from a city funeral home.

Still, the city’s move to honor Manuel for his law-abiding ways was immediately downplayed by City Police Chief Griff Conifer.

“Let me assure the community that this decision to recognize Officer Manuel is an isolated incident,” the chief said. “Please, do not lose confidence in us.”

Watervliet Mayor Bone Jenkins called Manuel a “tower of strength” for his “heroic ability” to conduct himself within the law.

“It isn’t easy,” said Jenkins. “Watervliet is like the New Orleans of the North. There’s temptation all around.”

Manuel said while it has been sometimes difficult to refrain from illegal activity, the thought of being raped in prison has kept him on the straight-and-narrow.

“At 5-foot 8-inches and 158 pounds, there’s little doubt I’d be someone’s bitch,” Manuel said. “So, against my better judgment, I’ve just been trying to stay outta trouble.”


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