Country Drive-In Closed On Fat Guy’s Cheat Day

By Scott Salad

Published August 23rd, 2015

CLIFTON PARK — An overweight Latham man on a new diet said his cheat day was ruined Tuesday after learning the Country Drive-In in Halfmoon was closed due to its annual employee appreciation day.

“This is total bullshit!” ranted Morris Ploudly, 47, of Dung Way. “I'm supposed to be able to eat whatever I want today. But now I can't and it's all because of some stupid company picnic. It's not fair.”

The 300-pound Geek Squad technician — who recently started the trendy Mediterranean Diet — said he designates Tuesdays as his cheat day because that's when he usually tools past the popular outdoor eatery while on business in his Geek Mobile.

“Where am I supposed to go now? Jack's Drive-In in Wynantskill? That's too far away,” Ploudly said as he angrily stomped around the empty parking lot in a pair of weathered flip-flops. “This is unacceptable.”

The Country Drive-In, on Vischer Ferry Road, offers some of the best deep-fried fare and ice cream in the area. Its seasonal opening every April is a widely anticipated event among area residents, second only to opening day at Saratoga Race Track.

“I mark it on my calendar,” said drive-in regular Gary Chuller of Clifton Park. “It's a joyous day. But damn, I hate that they have to close in October. It's like saying goodbye to your best friend at summer camp. You know you'll see them next year, but that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking.”

With customer testimonials like these — along with its move to close for a day at the height of its season to celebrate the employees who make it happen — it’s no wonder the summertime hotspot recently celebrated its 46th year in operation.

But all that meant little to Ploudly, who said he planned on ordering three clam rolls, meat- and cheese-covered Michigan Fries, homemade onion rings and a large vanilla/chocolate twist with rainbow sprinkles.

“This is my cheat day. I don't know if anyone understands quite what that means. It's my fucking day to eat whatever the fuck I want.”

Ploudly then took his rant to Twitter, hoping to find someone who could tell him the location of the employee picnic and whether they thought a well-upholstered bearded man pushing 50 would be able to “blend in.”


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