‘Strange Voices’ Heard From Schenectady Ground Round site

By Quack Davis

Published August 23rd, 2015

Ghosts are said to be lingering inside the deserted Ground Round Restuarant
in Schenectady.

SCHENECTADY — Ghost hunters here want to investigate the abandoned Ground Round restaurant on State Street for possible paranormal activity but are waiting for a police escort because they are afraid of Schenectady crackheads.

Head ghost hunter Travis Gaboon, who flatly denied being a coward, told the Albany Smudge his equipment detected “strange voices” demanding free popcorn, peanuts, cartoons and old movies — all of which were a staple at the former “good time meeting place” at 1614 State St.

“The sounds could be ghosts. They could also be crackheads squatting inside the place,” Gaboon said.  “There are a lot of both in Schenectady. They both have strange voices. And they both like popcorn, old movies and sex. But at least I know where I stand with the ghosts.”

The Schenectady Ground Round— part of a national chain — closed in 2005, leaving the nearest location to the Capital Region some 108 miles away in Johnson City, near Binghamton.

While Gaboon said he would not enter the blighted State Street structure without a police escort, Lt. Anthony Mustard, a spokesman for the Schenectady police, said the department was busy handling 349 shooting incidents — all of which happened just last week.

“Hey, I miss the Ground Round as much as the next Average Joe, but at this time, we cannot afford to assign an officer to star in a ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel at an old restaurant whose best days are behind it, ” Mustard said. "We gotta stick a fork in this one."

Noah Grouper, executive director of the not-for-profit Crackhead Association of Schenectady County, said he does not believe any crackheads are living in the shuttered restaurant and he volunteered to escort Gaboon and his 14-member outfit into the building.

“Frankly, I’d like to show Mr. Gaboon that all crackheads are not cut from the same rock.”  

Gaboon, however, curtly declined the invitation.

“Grouper’s a crackhead,” said Gaboon. “He represents everything I am trying to avoid.”


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